Taoist Funeral Packages (3 – 5 Days)

(Image) Taoist Deluxe Package Setup


Embalming Handling & Encoffin Service 

1. Collection of Deceased 
2. Professional Embalming & Make Up 
3. Comfort Casket 

Preparation of Memorial Ceremony 

4. Wake 
5. Floral Arrangement 
6. Photo Enlargement 
7. Dignified Taoist Altar Set Up 
8. Heaven & Earth Blanket 
9. Condolence Donation Book

Coordination of Funeral Service & Memorial Ceremony 

10. Professional Service Team 
11. Taoist Prayer Service 
12. 6ft Paper House, Pre-folded Joss Paper, 6ft Burning Tray
13. Lantern & Lantern Bearer
14. Mobile Toilet 

Funeral Procession Service 

15. Di Zang Wang Pu Sa Hearse 
16. Air Conditioned Bus for 45 Pax 
17. Towel Souvenirs for Guests 

After Care Service

18. Flower Water



Taoist funeral packages range from S$8,288 to S$33,888. Refer to the brochures below for more information or call us at 65551115 to customise a package.

Download Brochure (English)
Download Brochure (Chinese)