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When sending the dearly departed off, we spare no effort to make it respectful and meaningful. Because our focus is as much on honouring people and their stories as it is on ensuring that every funeral event runs smoothly.

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Heritage, Vision & Mission


Our humble beginnings go back to the 1980s. Before this, our founder Roland Tay used to work as a coffee boy where he would serve beverages to grieving families and guests at the funeral parlour next to the coffeeshop. Roland was disheartened by the huge disparity in the quality of funeral services for the rich and the poor. While the wealthy could have elaborate wakes and funerals, the underprivileged had to make do with the very bare minimum.

That made him set his mind on providing affordable funeral services for all, and with a leap of faith, Direct Funeral Services was born. Business aside, Roland would often go beyond the call of duty to offer pro bono funeral services for the less fortunate. His tireless dedication and sincerity stems from his belief that, rich or poor, everyone deserves a dignified send-off.

Whatever I can do to help, I will help. I will go forward and help sincerely. I treat my clients like my own family members.Roland Tay

Today, Direct has grown to become a household name in the death care industry, providing thoughtful, professional, and innovative afterlife services for generations after generations. We have also been consistently reaching out to raise awareness about the importance of death planning, while inculcating the value of filial piety among the younger community.

But even as we continue to grow and innovate, our fundamental belief in respect and compassion for all remains at the heart of everything we do.


Leading generations to find peace-of-heart at life’s end.


To provide dignified send-offs for all, regardless of social or financial status.

Our Management

L to R: Darren Cheng, CEO; Jenny Tay, Managing Director; Roland Tay, Founder

Since taking over Direct Funeral Services in 2014, Darren and Jenny have continued to modernise and innovate our company’s services, while remaining respectful of traditions and cultural beliefs.

Under their leadership, Direct achieved the prestigious ISO 9001:2015 certification for our high service standards. We are honoured to be the first—and only—funeral company in Singapore to have attained this ISO award thus far.

We hope to convince people that death should not be seen as a taboo topic, but rather, life’s final event that should be carefully planned for.Jenny Tay, Managing Director
We strongly believe that every one has a story to tell and wants to seek out meaningful ways to honour their memories.Darren Cheng, CEO

Our Team

With a deep understanding that the passing of a loved one is always difficult, our team members strive to serve with compassion, respect, and professionalism—the core values that drive Direct Funeral Services. Be it our funeral directors, embalmers, operations and logistics crew, florists, or the members supporting our back office, each and every one at Direct takes our work with pride and lots of dedication. This is one of the key reasons why Direct has remained a trusted choice for families over the years.

Beyond work, our team members share a close-knit bond despite being so culturally diverse. We have people from Malaysia, China, Indonesia, Myanmar, the Philippines, and of course Singapore, who laugh together and support each other. If you would like to explore what it’s like working at Direct, check out our current career opportunities.

The bosses here are kind and understanding, while the colleagues are like family who always take care of each other. I’m so happy and lucky to be part of this family.Theeny, member of the finance department since 2016

Pro Bono Sea Burials

Direct was born out of the belief that everyone deserves a dignified send-off, regardless of their financial circumstances or social connections. Till today, we continue to provide pro bono sea burial services so that the needy families, lonely elderly, and unclaimed deceased can enjoy the right to a compassionate farewell like all others.

A quarterly commitment, our pro bono sea burials are conducted with the utmost compassion, respect, and professionalism—just as we always do. And in doing so, we hope that those who were disadvantaged during their lifetime can finally rest in peace.

To me, this is what our pro bono sea burials are about:
Dedicated to pro bono
Fulfilling our duty to be compassionate to those in need
Set the deceased freeSim, funeral director

Direct Life Foundation

Helping others comes naturally for our founder Roland Tay and this DNA of his has been passed down to everyone in Direct Funeral Services, from our management to our team on the ground. On top of pro bono funerals for those in need, we want to do even more for the less fortunate, which spurred us to create Direct Life Foundation (DLF), the charitable arm of Direct.

Through DLF, we hope to improve the quality of life of the elderly, especially those who are living on their own, or in nursing homes and hospices. You are welcome to join us and spread some love at our outreach events!

Providing emotional support and pro bono funerals for those in need will always be part of the company’s way of giving back to society.Megan, volunteer


ISO 9001

ISO 9001 is implemented by both businesses and public sector organisations in more than 170 countries. It’s an international standard on Quality Management Systems based on these quality management principles:

  • Customer focus
  • Leadership
  • Engagement of people
  • Process approach
  • Improvement
  • Evidence-based decision-making
  • Relationship management

To date, Direct Funeral Services (Direct) is the first and only funeral company in Singapore to have been awarded an ISO certificate.

Singapore Brands, 2014

Singapore Brands (now known as the Singapore Prestige Brand Award) recognises local brands that have been developed and managed effectively through branding initiatives.

Direct is proud to be a receiver of this award for our commitment to providing a dignified farewell for all in society.

The Entrepreneur of the Year Award (EYA), Overall Winners of the New Entrepreneur Category, 2016

The EYA is the oldest award in Singapore that honours local entrepreneurs who have shown outstanding performance as business owners.

Clinching the title as Overall Winners of the New Entrepreneur Category was an affirmation of our managing director Jenny Tay and CEO Darren Cheng’s combined efforts in transforming the funeral industry.

Champions of Good, 2017

Champions of Good is a national recognition framework designed to encourage companies to give and build a City of Good. It celebrates organisations that are exemplary in their corporate philanthropy efforts.

Inspired by our founder Roland Tay’s selfless spirit, Direct has always put a focus on giving back to the community. And in 2017, we were recognised as one of the Champions of Good. But this award is not the end. We will continue to do our part to make this city a better place for all.


The Association of Funeral Directors Singapore (AFD)

AFD comprises reputable funeral homes from Singapore and is officially recognised by the National Environment Agency. The association aims to promote high standards of service to end-of-life events. All AFD members are bound by a strict Code of Conduct, which ensures that grieving families receive quality funeral services.

National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA)

NFDA is the world’s largest funeral service association, serving more than 20,000 individual members who represent nearly 11,000 funeral homes in the U.S. and 49 countries across the globe.

Singapore National Employers Federation (SNEF)

SNEF is a trade union of employers. Its mission is to advance tripartism and enhance labour market flexibility to enable employers to implement responsible employment practices. SNEF boasts a membership of over 3,000 companies with a combined workforce of over 750,000.

Public Education

We regularly conduct talks on grief, funeral planning, and our role in transforming the funeral business in Singapore. Below are some schools and organisations that have benefitted from our education initiatives. We are just an email away at info@directfuneral.com.sg if you too wish to participate in our talks or explore ways for collaboration.

Talks on funeral pre-planning and/or funerary customs

  • Prudential
  • AIA
  • Great Eastern
  • NUH
  • SGH
  • CGH
  • TTSH
  • Alzheimer’s Disease Association
  • Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry
  • St Luke’s Hospital
  • NUS

Talk on death and Where Did Grandpa Go? book reading

  • Tao Nan School
  • NUS

Talk: Bringing Life to Death, Disrupting the Death Industry

  • TEDx
  • NTU
  • Ministry of Health
  • Singhealth Group
  • CreativeMornings
  • SingCapital Group
  • H.E.R. Entrepreneur Summit
  • ASEAN Forum on Women’s Economic Empowerment
  • SMU

Participation in module discussions

  • NUS: Death and Dying in Southeast Asia

Periodic seminars on helping the community

  • NVPC Fellowship of Good


Thank you to everyone who has left us a heartfelt comment and words of encouragement. We will keep on doing what we do best: serve the deceased and their families from our hearts.

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Dear team at Direct Funeral, Our heartfelt thanks and appreciation for the exceptional service during our recent bereavement. Thank you for your support and expert advice before and during the wake and funeral. Your team was wonderful — from pre-planning and following up about the pre-planning (the level of detail was quite amazing) to when we actually had to SOS you guys on the day of dad’s passing, right down to the funeral. Thank you for following up so closely with us. Kudos to the case managers who really went above and beyond their call of duty. They really took note of what we liked and wanted and made it all happen.

Your team helped us give dad a sending off that he would have been proud of and we couldn’t have done that without you. You guys weren’t just service providers; you were our friend in our moment of need. Thank you, really, from the bottom of our hearts.

My sincere gratitude, Grace Lam-Thomas

Dear Direct Funeral, I just wanted to second what Grace said. You and your team have been a real blessing in a time of sorrow. Your team members were compassionate and professional in their work, and guided us through what would have otherwise been a bewildering time for us. Thank you for that. Special mentions to the case managers, who truly are a credit to your organization.

I had a moment during the wake when my eyes fell upon your motto. Your team truly lived up to it, to help my father “leave with dignity”. We deeply appreciate all the help you have given us.

Karen Lam Director, Curriculum and Research

I am Jenny who engaged Direct Funeral for my mom’s recent passing on. I would like to thank the team for their great service. The entire event was systematically organised, in a timely manner. All our needs are fully taken care off and we were impressed with their responsiveness throughout.

Special thanks go to the case manager who displayed great responsibilities and sensitivity in catering to our needs. Many thanks.

From: Jenny, Edgefield

Just to let you know that we are happy with your company’s services. Although we picked the cheapest package with some upgrades, we did not expect that the funeral was done in a very thoughtful and comprehensive manner. Definitely will recommend your services in the future.

From: Joy

Dear Mr. Roland Tay, I’m greatly impressed with the awesome team that was assigned to take care of the recent demise of my good friend’s father Mr. Loh Ah Peng and their family. The wake was held at Mount Vernon Sanctuary, Grace Hall on 24/11/2016 till 27/11/2016.

The entire team spared no effort in ensuring all guests and mourners are well taken care of. The emcee was truly remarkable with this speech that touched everyone’s hearts. And I am glad to see Mr. Roland Tay personally making a visit to the final farewell to the demised and their family. We all are truly touched by it. On behalf of my good friend Ms. Sharon Loh, family and myself, we are very thankful and grateful to have Mr. Roland Tay and his team for this memorial event of our lives. Keep up the good work! Thank you all very much. Many thanks.

From: Tan K S

Hi there, on the 8th of Dec, 2016, I engaged your services with a funeral director assigned. Upon meeting, she explained clearly the different packages with its costings and the procedures on how the wake is conducted. My mum has certain requests regarding the coffin and she is able to fulfil it. Throughout the 3-days wake, we have been in constant contact through WhatsApp. However, due to her sore throat, we could not talk through the phone. As I am IT-savvy, communication through texting is alright with me. However, for my mum who is uneducated, she would prefer to see the funeral director daily to ask questions or talk through the phone to clarify some stuff. When she was at the wake, she demonstrated great empathy by comforting my mum and assuring that things are well taken care of. In all, the funeral director has done a professional job. She has taken care of every detail that we have concerns with from the start to the end. On the last day, there is one event that sticks out. We are told to prepare 7 red packets for the helpers. In the end, only 5 were used as I was told 2 were late. To me, this shows the high standard of services you are offering to your clients.

With this, I would like to end by saying I would recommend my relatives and friends to use Direct Funeral should the need arises.

From: Martin

To Direct Funeral, My family and I would like to thank you for delivering great services throughout our bereavement and also not forgetting to mention our case manager whom has guided us closely. Our choice for Direct Funeral has indeed given us a peace of mind during our most difficult time of losing our beloved eldest brother.

Thank You once again for the Friendly and Professional Services rendered.

Warmest Regards, Desmond Tay

Hi Jenny, my family would like to thank you and your team for guiding us through this tough time. We appreciate the professionalism and effort from your team, especially our case manager who has met all my grandma’s last minute requests. We are glad that at the end of the day she was happy with the arrangements. Sunny really went out of the way to get things done and we can’t be more thankful.

Our guests also feedback that the service is top notch… your staff are always on the ball and very alert. We are most certainly glad to have chosen Direct Funeral. Thank you once again!! Thank you to the team that has helped out! The credit goes to all of you 🙂 Jia you

From: Joo Chiat family

Direct Funeral Services are really professional, and they did their utmost to ensure that the funeral proceedings were as smooth as possible. Their dedication to their work helped make the whole experience a whole lot bearable.

With my grandpa in their hands for the embalming, my family and I felt more reassured.

Very professional and dedicated staff who made me feel very assured to leave everything to them throughout and made this period a lot more bearable. Night service crew were very helpful and friendly. The staff helping with overnight security were very good and even help clean up the place and top up all the supplies. Overall, feedback from my guest was that they were impressed with the service and the attention to details throughout the few days. Good job!

From: Doreen Teo

Thank you for your patience during this period. Even though the family members may be confused yet demanding, you are able to manage the situation calmly and do it well.

From: Wong Yin Mei

The team that served us did a great job and had given us great support and assurance which was very comforting through our tough times and feeling of lost!

From: Wong Hui Ming

Thank you for the services rendered to my family. You guys are the professionals in this industry 👍🏻

From: Ng Si Kwang

Your team is doing a very important job. Not everyone can do this as it takes courage. I am grateful for everything, and I believe that others too, are appreciative of the good works your team has done for their family members during their most difficult time.

From: Ong Yew Lee Andrew

Direct Funeral Services was very professional and sensitive in this time of grief. Really appreciate your sensitivity and glad to have engaged your company.

From: Pang Hwee Joo

Well done and thank you for guiding us throughout the ceremony. Instructions were clear and public engagement was done appropriately to match the atmosphere.

From: Tan Chin Hock

Thank you for your hard work and your service to us. We will surely use your service again if needed.

From: Sarah Loh Yan Qi

Thank you for making my father’s wake a smooth and peaceful one. I believe he was satisfied and happy with it.

From: Ang King Hock

Thank you for helping us send our father off in a dignified and presentable manner.

From: Yong Hui Wen

The team was simply fantastic, professional to their best ability. They showed respect for the deceased & people who were at the wake. They were helpful without intruding into other spaces. The deluxe package met our needs. Thank you from the Ong FAMILY.

From: Ong MH

Very approachable, very patient, very professional. Even my relatives and friends commented the wake was very professionally set up. Even the Teochew priest also very professional and Patient. We are impressed by all.

From: Lim Mui Eng Regina

Very knowledgable and experienced. Responsive to our queries and provided sound advice. Well done!

From: Yeoh Keat Hoe

They are very professional, friendly and very helpful. Every timing planned very well and always in consideration of our interest.

From: Christina Cheong

Can’t ask for any better. Keep it up. Your professionalism is much needed for any grieving family.

From: Peter Loh Chee Huat

Overall I am very satisfied with your company’s funeral services with friendly staff and reasonable prices. Thank you very much!

From: Woo Ann Wah

Your team provides professional services. All the coordination is very well organised. Thank you.

From: Toh Siew Leng

Your team is very approachable and very sensitive to the family during the prayers. I think they did a wonderful job and I must really thank each and everyone for making this a less stressful event for the late family members. Continue to do what you are doing and we really appreciate every single gesture provided. Thank you.

From: Lim Ai Hong

Thank you for helping us going through the funeral smoothly. We really appreciate it and are thankful for all the help and info provided to us.

From: Foo Wei Ling

Thank you very much for the help and advice given. Staff were professional and efficient, always ready to assist and make recommendations to ensure better results.

From: Heng Li Koon

Thanks for making the process so seamless. We can be rest assured and count on your staff to handle the arrangement for us during such a difficult time. Thanks again.

From: Vivian Low

Thank you and Appreciation.
Compliments to Ms Andrea.

Dear Sir / Madam,
I would like to express my sincere thanks and appreciation to Direct Funeral Services, on the departure of my beloved mother on 3rd April 2021.

I would like to compliment Ms Andrea who is very professional, fast and efficient, understanding, caring, well-organised, precise in giving us pointers to do/don’t.
Follow up on many questions and doubts that I have.
She has demonstrated her passion for her profession, and she has uplifted the reputation of Direct Funeral Service, elevating it to further faith and trust, in this same industry.

Thank you Andrea and Direct Funeral Services, for assisting us in the final journey of our beloved mother, appreciate sincerely.

From: Christopher Goh

Another excellent job led by Mason and his team mates. Thank you Roland! Everything went well with my mother’s funeral wake 👍

Blk 611 Choa Chu Kang St 62

Dear Roland,

I wish to extend my appreciation to you and your team for the wonderful arrangements that were done over the past 3 days. Your team was extremely professional, sympathetic and helpful. I wish you guys all the best! Thank you 🙏

Blk 195 Kim Keat Ave

A big thank you to Jamie (Direct Funeral) as well as the person who assist us with the cremation (forgot to asked his name). Very professional, prompt, respectful and helpful. 👌👍

From: Lawrence Lum

Roy Loo provided us with an excellent service and patiently explained and advised every single detail. He is helpful and answer our queries timely. In addition, he always dropped by to check. We appreciate his good service and will recommend his service to others when needed.

Mr Koh, Blk 34 Upper Cross Street

Dear Roy, on behalf of our family I would like to thank you for the amazing job done with our late father’s funeral arrangements. We believed that it was how our father would have liked it and he would have been super pleased. 😊

Our friends and family were equally impressed by the arrangements and professionalism of Direct.

Thank you again for making the process such a smooth and pleasant one. 🌻

Lindy, 4A Lotus Parlour


4月15日至亲与世长辞,家人悲恸之际,有缘得到Jamie (吴袺颐)细心体贴的协助,从樟宜医院移灵,至新加坡礼仪坊守丧三日,再到出殡送葬,Jamie带领的高素质团队,根据丧家的特殊要求,提供一条龙客制化的五星级殡葬礼仪配套,将心比心地提供明确专业有效率的一流服务,让家族亲友安心地陪逝者走完生命最后一程。真诚感谢Jamie及团队成员,未来有机会,我也会将贵公司的优质服务,介绍给需要生命礼仪服务的亲友。 


Good morning Roy, on behalf of the entire family, please accept our deepest thanks and heartfelt gratitude. Thank you so much for everything you did for my father’s memorial… It was exactly what we wanted, a simple and beautiful service; our family is very grateful for all the thoughts, prayers and hard work you did to make it easy. Your grace, dignity and professionalism provided Dad with a fitting tribute to a life well-lived. Thank you for helping with every small detail from beginning till end. We appreciate the extra attention to Dad’s last wishes and the personalisation of his service. Please also extend our appreciation to your entire team for their assistance and kindness.

Cynthia & Andrea, Tan Family

Hi Victor, thank you for everything that you and your team had done for us during our recent bereavement.

Our families and I are very grateful and appreciate all that you had planned and organised for us with such perfection. Halim had done a fantastic job on the montage, Aaron, besides taking pictures of us and at the same time giving all due respect for my late mother, he had also helped out whenever he could. Your other staff exercised their responsibilities with such professionalism that everyone present can only offer praises.

Please help us offer our thanks and appreciation to all your partners, staff and those who had helped out in one way or the other at my late mother’s funeral.

Steven Phua

Dear Direct Funeral Services,

I am writing to express my heartfelt gratitude and compliments for the exceptional service provided by your team during my mum’s recent wake (the late Mdm Phung Ah Tee). I would like to extend my special appreciation to Mr Sim, the funeral director in charge, who handled everything with utmost professionalism and care.

Throughout the entire process, Mr Sim exhibited an incredible depth of knowledge regarding the rituals and processes involved in a funeral. His expertise and attention to detail were evident, ensuring that every aspect of the arrangements was meticulously taken care of. I also want to commend his unwavering patience and responsiveness. He promptly addressed all our queries, regardless of the time we reached out to him. This level of dedication and commitment serving your clients is truly commendable. We were truly grateful for his guidance and support during this difficult time.

I also like to acknowledge the dedication of your entire team. Their compassionate and understanding approach helped us navigate through this challenging period with relative ease. Thank you on behalf of my whole family.

Yours sincerely

Ms Teo Bee Lay

Ms Teo Bee Lay

Our family would like to thank Direct Funeral Services and all the personnel very much for their dedicated services and support following my late Mother’s passing.

Fionna Lim, World Lin Chamber of Commerce WLCC Liasion Committee (Singapore), Lin Chamber of Commerce Singapore

Our families would like to say a very good thank you for your services for my father/father-in-law wake at Yishun Ring Road. He died on a most unique day of 2nd day of Chinese New Year and we were shell-shocked. Without your help and the wonderful guidance of the Direct Funeral team and the monks, we would be at a total loss!

Your help along the way and professionalism really went a long way to make our painful journey manageable. Keep up the good work. You really helped us a lot.

From: Tony / Joyce / Lawrence / Jane

Thank you Direct Funeral Service for all the professional arrangement and papa has went through a smooth and peaceful wake.

From: Edwin Choo

Very sincere thanks to the group of funeral director and his team, for their selfless help rendered to me and my family in this difficult period. Upon hearing the dismissal of my Grandma, the funeral director came knocking on our door in that very morning when we were still in an overwhelmed state. Direct Funeral took over everything from the funeral arrangement till the very last day of our service. Provided us with invaluable advice and on what we needed to do.

Very grateful for all you have done for our Grandma and definitely will recommend your services to other people.

From: Eva Siew

Very pleased with the service rendered by the funeral director and his team. He is very professional and patient with attending to all our queries.

From: Wong Wai Mun

Understand customer’s needs and provided excellent service. Problem-solving.

From: Sng Wee Lee

Very thoughtful and professional services provided with a soft touch to family’s grief. THUMBS UP!

From: Johnny Kho

Funeral director was excellent from the moment he was contacted till the event was over. His service deliverance was very warm and sincere. Professionalism of the highest order.

From: Alan Lim

Assuring and helpful. The funeral director was very nice and approachable.

From: Ann Quek

We wish to compliment the funeral director on his fine service! We sincerely appreciate his responsiveness and he was constantly seeking ways to improve his service. Thank you for the excellent service!

From: Gillian Ng

Thank you for the help. Very grateful for the service and the kind support.

From: Lee Yi Jiat

I am very grateful for the help and for allowing me to pay the balance by instalment. I will definitely recommend anyone I know to Direct. Casket service is excellent, keep it up. Singapore needs this type of company and lastly, thank you.

From: Alfred Tan Wei Siong

My mom decided to engage Direct Funeral Services before she passed on and it was definitely the right choice. The entire event was well planned and carried out with great acknowledgement and appreciation from all. I was very relieved to have such a supportive team during this difficult time to provide my mom with a dignified farewell. My utmost respect and appreciation to the team. Thank you.

From: Rina Ong

I am very happy with the services and arrangements that Direct Funeral has provided. All my friends and relatives are also very impressed with the setting and arrangements. I am glad to say that I had given my mum her last journey with dignity.

From: Isabel Yang Xiu Qing

Many thanks for all your advices and assistance provided during the difficult time when we lost our loved one and wish you all continued to provide good services and advices for your clients. Thanks again.

From: Victor Gan

The team has shown professionalism in the services, definitely a trusted group to entask the need of the family during the difficult time. Thank you.

From: Chen Mingjin

Commendable on a well organized and professional crew. Your work has helped us cope with our grief and find closure from the lost of our dad. Keep up the good work, and continue to help families to get through the grief of having lost a dear one.

Thank You!

From: Lim Yeow Pang

Keep it up with your professionalism, courtesy & helpful services. Appreciated very much with the present service just completed. Good job, thumbs up!!!

From: Lee Cher Khiang

A very good job. Well organised and done to our satisfaction.

From: Danny Law Lip Kwang

Thank you very much for the well coordinated event. Excellent job and well done. Full of respect for you guys who decided on this career path.

From: Lim See Hong

Thanks for making the process so seamless. We can be rest assured and count on your staff to handle the arrangement for us during such a difficult time. Thanks again.

From: Vivian Low

We are grateful for all the services/advice rendered to us when we are in the loss of our loved one. The team has shown us their professionalism through the seriousness of their work. They helped remind us of the necessities and offered many advise. The staff were very patient and proactive in writing down everything in detail for me to keep track so that we will not miss anything. Fast reply and response. Thumbs up!

From: Chan Kwok Shiung

Appreciate your help with my grandfather’s wake. Thanks for your good work.

From: Ms Kang

Very committed and professional teamwork. Please keep up the work.

From: Tng Poh Chuan

Keep up the professional work and image of the company. The uniform made a difference. Received many praises on Direct Funeral Services’ professionalism from guests and friends attending the wake. Good job.

From: Lim Hup Peng

The conduct of the wake and funeral was very smooth. The staff were very professional, approachable and accommodating to our requests.

From: Tan Tian Sheng Jeremy

We like to thanks the staff of Direct Funeral Services for their professionalism, and care. The processes were well organized.

From: Bernard Sim

Your team is very efficient, thoughtful and helpful. Your high quality services have indeed exceeded our expectations. Thank you! Please keep it up!

From: Low Sui Keng

Comments received from the attendees of the wake were very positive on the service and organisation of your company and staff. Keep it up!

From: Mok Chup Chuang

Thank you for doing what you believe in doing. Loved every aspect of how the wake and funeral was taken care and thoughtfully thought of. Really appreciate the help during this difficult time.

From: Goh Hwee Loo

I am very thankful to have the team from Direct Funeral Services take care of my father’s wake. The team is dedicated, capable and caring. Taking all the necessary needs into account for the wake. Willingness to make arrangement for the transport and provide assistance for the ash collection. The team served with respect. The team has expressed the spirit of serving. I greatly respect the team.

From: Pang Yoke Kum

Everything was smooth and well thought out. It allows the family to have a peace of mind and not worry about the flow of the wake and funeral. Thank you.

From: Lim Soh En

Our utmost sincere Big Thank you to all in Direct Funeral Services, top management, organizers, helpers and cleaners for arranging such a good wake for our dearest mum. Thank you!

From: Ngee Shin Oh

Thank you to all staff for helping us during the wake. Appreciate Mr Roland Tay coming to pay his last respects. Well done, your company service has exceed my expectations! 加油。

From: Helen Yeo

Well organised and of great help to the family of the late, especially at this time of need. Thank you very much.

From: Yee Annie

Everyone’s professionalism and dedication to their respective services is top notch and very well appreciated. The professionalism and dedication of every Direct Funeral crew member is highly commendable and appreciated.

From: Goh Ching Yaw

Your team is very professional and helpful. We are glad to have used the right funeral company. Well done! Thank you very much.

From: Ho Wan Yean

Thank you for the job well done, everything went smoothly.

From: Jesse Tan

Appreciate the 默哀 messages that was read by the staff as it was the words that i wanted to say to the deceased.

From: Leong Mei Ling

Thank you for taking away the stress during our time of bereavement.

From: Lee Yoke Cheng

Thanks for the support shown throughout the wake. Your heartfelt sincerity is clearly shown through your actions.

From: Tay Chee Yang

I appreciate the guidance along the way and the personalised touch for others to get to know more about my grandfather.

From: Tan Jun Xiang

Appreciate the professionalism shown by the team in taking care of my family during this time of grief. In particular, my family appreciated the religious advice on customs and rites provided. The funeral was well run, and provided a closure for the family.

From: Goh Jun Xian

Our family was very pleased with the delivery of service for the wake. The overall management and set up had made the send off process worryfree and less painful.

From: Korina Lee

My family and I would like to extend our sincere thanks to the Singapore Civil Defence Force ambulance crew, the healthcare professionals at Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH) A&E, the staff of Direct Funeral Services as well as Peter and his team at The Garden of Remembrance for their excellent service and professionalism. We also wish to convey our appreciation to relatives, friends, colleagues, sisters and brothers from the Labour Movement for your wreaths, donations and condolences. As my father believed strongly in the importance of education, especially for children from disadvantaged homes, we plan to give the donations to The Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund.

From: Mr Chee Hong Tat 徐芳达 (Facebook)

Hi Roland. Many thanks for the excellent service that your crews provided during the wake of my belated father’s funeral. A big thank you to Mr SIM for giving all good advice , care and concern. But not forgetting the entire team. Let me know where I can place the review for you and your company.

Once again thank you

From: KS

Thank you, appreciate all your staff who are very professional, giving good services and well organised during my mother’s wake at 232 Simei. Especially Mason Tan who coordinates very well. Thank you once again.

From: 232 Simei

Hi Roland, Arrisa was great in the way she organised the wake and funeral for my father. Our family is big but she did well. My family is thankful and grateful to her and your company. Thanks for assigning her to us.

From: SFP lily hall

Dear Mr Roland,

We will definitely recommend Direct Funeral not just because of the response from your team. Their sincerity has greatly facilitated the process and they were very patient with us. This is very important to us because my brother and I were quite overwhelmed by the death of our father.

Thank you very much again!

From: Ru Lan

Hi Roland, just wanted to share that Mr Sim and his crew are very professional in their work and guided us through the whole funeral process. They are all very understanding, patient and respectful. Even the night watchman, Sam, is really professional on his night shift. Thank you for helping my family during these difficult times. 🙏Grateful!

From: Miss Sara Tng, Blk 2 Marine Vista

We would like to thank Direct Funeral Services for the assistance and management you had rendered to us for our father’s wake. The set up was very nice, the services very professional, your response is also very speedy. Thank you so much 😃🙏 

From: Nancy - Blk 28 Telok Blangah Rise

Once again, our Chan family would like to express our deepest gratitude to you Roy and your colleagues for being so professional and tactful in the way you handled my Dad’s funeral and related matters. You have shown yourselves to be truly caring, kind and very helpful, looking into every aspect of the funeral arrangements whilst allowing us to grieve in peace and without undue distractions. We are forever grateful to you Roy and your colleagues for giving my father MR CHAN SIG YAM the dignified and beautiful send off he so deserves.

God bless and thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

From: The family of the late MR CHAN SIG YAM. 4, PASIR RIS VIEW





12 Aug 2023

Dear Mr Roland Tay,

My dear friend, thank you very much for your kind support for my daughter, Valerie’s recent passing on 4 October 2023, greatly appreciated. I wanted to take this moment to express our deepest gratitude that you have sent your competence manager, Ms. Andrea to arrange such a memorable funeral preparation for our precious daughter, with all our wishes granted especially for the flower arrangement with blue roses which is Valerie favorite’s flowers. Previously Andrea has also handled my parents’ funeral arrangement a few years ago and she had done a wonderful job to see to all the finest arrangement in great details.

No doubt the funeral service was a poignant and an emotional sad gathering but it do filled with sweet fond memories and love for our beloved daughter. The decoration and preparation of the funeral wake has created a serene comfortable atmosphere and most of our relatives had commented the wake decoration is very beautiful and as parent we have done our very best for Valerie till the very end.

Your kind gesture of sending a beautiful funeral wreath in memory of Valerie had also touched our hearts deeply and provided a source of comfort during this difficult challenging time. We are truly grateful for your kind thoughtfulness, it serves as a support for us to move on in life and also knowing that Valerie is now with Jesus in heaven completely make wholesome by the Lord has also comfort us in many ways as we know she is now free from all her labors and pain on earth.

Once again, please accept our warmest regards and gratitude. We are forever grateful to you for your kind attention and services. God Bless you with good health.

Sincere appreciation.