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Why It’s Important to Pre-plan Your Funeral (Plus How to Get Started)

It’s common for people to think ahead about their weddings, retirement, baby’s full-month celebration and other life milestones. Now what about funerals? The idea may sound morbid and be shunned by those who view death as a taboo topic, but planning your own final farewell has more benefits than you realise.

So don’t dismiss the thought just yet. Read on to see why funeral pre-planning in Singapore is important, when to plan for a funeral, and how you can go about doing it!

What is pre-planning a funeral?

Simply put, it’s when you make all the arrangements for a funeral in advance. This not only means choosing the funeral parlour and package in Singapore, but also thinking through the specifics and deciding whether you prefer to be buried or cremated (and how the ashes should be treated). Since no one knows for sure when death will come, it’s advisable to start the planning as soon as possible when you’re healthy and in the right frame of mind.

Why plan for a funeral?

Perhaps the most direct benefit of funeral pre-planning is that it allows you to have a say on things. From the type of flowers and music to the person leading the ceremony, you have the liberty to decide how you want your funeral to be—right down to the detail. And when decisions are already made, it’ll take a huge load off your loved ones’ shoulders, especially in a time of grief.

“One of our customers who planned their funeral in advance had specifically requested for Lionel Richie’s top hits to be played during the course of his wake.”
– Darren Cheng, CEO, Direct Funeral Services

Afterlife planning makes financial sense, too. It provides you with an idea of how much the funeral will cost, so you can start setting aside funds for it. By planning your funeral services ahead, you’ll also be able to enjoy a lock-in price for the package that you’ve selected.

However, do note that most planned contracts have a validity period.* After which, the contract may undergo revision and renewal based on the prevailing market rates. But the good news is that even with this, a pre-planned funeral will likely still be cheaper than one that has not been arranged in advance.

How to get started—the first steps to take

To begin planning for your final farewell, take some time to think about the details. These could include the songs to be played, types and colours of flowers to be incorporated, clothing that you wish to be dressed in, the portrait to be used and so on.

After you’ve gotten a general idea of how you’d like to personalise your wake and/or funeral, it’s time to shop around for a funeral company that best fits your needs, preferences, and budget. If you’ve any questions or doubts, don’t be afraid to bring them up to the funeral director.

Once you’ve made all the arrangements, it’s important to inform your loved ones about them. One way is to provide them with a copy of your contract with the funeral company. You may also want to include your funeral wishes in your will. When your loved ones are aware of your plan, they’ll know exactly who to contact when the inevitable happens, and be able to help ensure that all your wishes are carried out accordingly.

Here’s a simple infographic to guide you along in your planning:

What to consider when making your plans

When deciding which funeral home to go with, always look out for their credibility and reputation. You’d want to choose a company that will honour their words. It may be a red flag when a company does a lot of upselling or is ambiguous about certain arrangements and pricings.

In the same vein, do not make payment after you’ve carefully read the contract and are satisfied with it. The Association of Funeral Directors Singapore is a good starting point if you’re unsure where to begin searching for reliable funeral service providers.

Looking for more resources and guidance on funeral pre-planning in Singapore? Download our funeral planning checklists or call us at 6555 1115 for a no-obligation meeting with our funeral director!

*At Direct Funeral Services, our lock-in price is valid for five years from the date of payment of the deposit. Please contact us at 6555 1115 to find out more.

Funeral Planning Consultation

How ready are you when it’s time to leave? Planning for your final arrangements ensures that your wishes will be carried out when you pass on.

Equally as important, funeral pre-planning is for those whom you leave behind. When your afterlife affairs have already been sorted out in advance, your loved ones need not worry about the details as they grieve. Our arrangements will be smooth, systematic, within your budget, and made according to your wishes. Ultimately, our goal is to give you and your family complete peace of mind.

What You Need to Consider

  • Religion: Do you want the funeral to be conducted according to your religion?
  • Location of wake: Void deck, funeral parlour, or within a landed housing area?
  • Duration of wake: Wakes in Singapore typically last between 3 and 7 days.
  • Final resting place: Columbarium, cemetery, sea burial, or inland ash scattering?
  • Casket preference: Choose from our wide selection of imported caskets.
  • Preferred photo for photo wreath: Do you have a favourite photo of yourself that you would like for it to be enlarged and displayed at the wake?
  • Budget: How much would you like to spend on the entire ceremony? If the expenses are covered by your family, how much can they afford?
  • Keepsake: Would you like to leave a handwritten note, an heirloom, or any other memorabilia for your loved ones?

General Process of a Funeral

  1. Preparation for wake
  2. Wake
  3. Funeral day ceremony
  4. Post-funeral

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Will Writing & Estate Planning

Most people under the age of 50 do not have a will. Death is a taboo subject especially in an Asian society like Singapore, and is thus rarely discussed. Yet, it’s important to ensure that preparations are made so that the ones you love are taken care of when you are no longer with them.

Why You Need to Make a Will

A will is a legal document that gives specific instructions for the management and distribution of estate, allowing you to decide who gets what after your passing. Without a will, your estate will be distributed in accordance with the Intestate Succession Act, which may not necessarily be according to your wishes. By including instructions for your funeral arrangements in your will, you can also be sure that your loved ones are aware of your last wishes.

It’s advisable to appoint more than one executor to carry out your will. This is so that they can keep each other in check or just in case one of your executors is unable to act for you when the time comes. In Singapore, there’s no central storage for wills. You may want to register your will information at the Wills Registry to help your loved ones access it promptly.

Grant of Probate

Probate is a legal process for distributing your estate according to the terms of your will. The executor(s) named in the will has to apply for a Grant of Probate to legally distribute your estate. With a Grant of Probate, your executor(s) can instruct banks and other financial institutions to close your accounts and/or conduct monetary transfers to your beneficiaries.

Letters of Administration

Without a valid will, the process of distributing your estate upon your passing will be longer and more expensive. Your family must decide on an administrator for your estate or have one appointed by the Court. In most cases, the deceased’s spouse or next-of-kin becomes the administrator. The administrator will then have to apply for the Letters of Administration to be able to distribute your estate according to the Intestate Succession Act.

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