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Direct Funeral Services’ compassionate work ethic and professionalism is reflected in everything we say and do. Taking an empathetic, solutions-driven approach to after life care, we guide generations towards finding peace-of-heart at the end of life’s journey.

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3 Days 2 Nights Funeral Packages

At Direct Funeral Services, we are committed to creating a memorable, meaningful and dignified funeral to help families honour the life of their loved one. We import caskets of premium quality into Singapore. With our comprehensive range of services, we strive to provide families with a total peace of heart in the midst of their most difficult times. Featured here are our economical packages for a 3 days and 2 nights wake.

For our full range of packages, please contact us at info@directfuneral.com.sg or call our helpline at +65 6555 1115.

Buddhist Funeral Packages: From $5888, with 7% GST $6300.16
Taoist Funeral Packages: From $8288, with 7% GST $8868.16
Christian, Roman Catholic & Freethinker Funeral Packages: From $4999, with 7% GST $5348.93
Hindu Funeral Packages

For bespoke packages and religions, you can reach us at info@directfuneral.com.sg.

Wake Set Up

Our passionate design team is dedicated to the creation of a dignified wake set up for your loved one. We provide a wide range of backdrops along with a bluetooth speaker with carefully selected music playlists suited for the different religions.

Our caterers provide catering in the form of either buffet or a sit-down meal prepared at the wake location. Various cuisines, menus or even live stations with chefs can be arranged upon request. Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals can be provided. Catering rates depend on the menu and quantity ordered.


Our elegant fleet of hearses allows your loved one to be sent off in a dignified manner. Amongst our fleet, you will find the exclusive and unique Mitsuoka hearse which is imported from Japan.

Memorial Hall

  • Fully air-conditioned room
  • Outdoor seating
  • Restroom with shower facilities
  • Wireless internet services
  • 24/7 security surveillance
  • Sound system and television
  • Parking within the vicinity
  • 5 minutes walking distance from Geylang Bahru MRT station

Direct Funeral Services’ Memorial Hall is located at 89 Geylang Bahru and is furnished to provide a dignified and peaceful environment for wakes and commemorations. Situated conveniently in a central location, your guests will be able to locate the hall with ease. This hall accommodates up to 45 guests, with the following amenities to provide comfort and ease for family, friends and guests.

Call our help line 65551115 to check on availability.

Curated Caskets

Casket Selections

The Batesville name represents a century-old tradition of quality and service. They are well known for manufacturing caskets with excellence and maintaining the tradition of delivering only the best quality to customers. Constantly creating new product innovations is what makes Batesville the market leader in casket manufacturing.

It has provided caskets for U.S. presidents Ronald Reagan, Gerald Ford, Richard Nixon, John Kennedy, Harry Truman and celebrities including Bob Hope, Wilt Chamberlain, Farrah Fawcett, Fred Astaire, James Brown and the legendary king of pop, Michael Jackson.

Batesville Classic Gold
Batesville Classic Gold
Batesville Classic Gold – Exterior
Batesville Classic Gold – Interior
Batesville Classic Gold – Memorial Record System
Batesville Puritan Copper
Batesville Puritan Copper
Batesville Puritan Copper – Exterior
Batesville Puritan Copper – Interior
Batesville Puritan Copper – Memory Drawer
Batesville Promethean
Batesville Promethean
Batesville Promethean – Exterior
Batesville Promethean – Interior
Handcrafted Dragon Casket
Handcrafted Dragon Casket – Exterior
Handcrafted Dragon Casket – Details
Handcrafted Dragon Casket – Interior
Handcrafted Dragon Casket – Exterior
Blissful Casket
Blissful Casket – Exterior
Blissful Casket – Exterior
Blissful Casket – Details
Blissful Casket – Interior
Imported Caskets

Our caskets are imported from all over the world. We bring in caskets of quality wood such as Teak and Chengai. There is a casket for every preference. After all, your loved one deserves the best.

Half Glass Casket
Comfort Casket
8 Sided Comfort Casket
Half Glass Deluxe Brown
Half Glass Deluxe White
Nirvana Lotus
Chenggai Half Glass Deluxe
Supreme Teak
Full Glass Casket
Grace Casket
Internationally Imported Casket - S180
8 Sided Lotus Casket
Internationally Imported Casket - S809

Dedicated Service Team


Our funeral guides are passionate about leading families in a meaningful and personalised ceremony. As funeral directors, they will guide your family during this difficult time – keeping all essential information bite-size, to provide clarity and awareness of what is to be done and expected.

Embalming & Dressing

Our embalming team is professionally certified, using the latest tools of the trade, sourcing our embalming products from England, Australia, New Zealand and USA.

Opting for embalming chemicals that are softer on the skin, our team of embalmers work with the aim of giving a more serene look to your beloved one.

Emcee & Waitering Services

With our dedication to providing families with a peace of mind during their most difficult times, our services include extensive features.

These features include a team of well-trained emcees who are able to facilitate a smooth and heartfelt funeral. They will help you articulate what you would like to convey, but are unable to in times of grief. Table-wait service is also available to ensure that your guests are comfortably attended to, giving you a peace of heart in these difficult times. Additional support for your family is provided, should you require services such as night vigil and daily cleaning services.

Ground Services

From first contact with you and your loved one, dressing your loved one in a dignified manner, and assisting you and your loved one with a peaceful send off, our on-the-grounds team comprises of staff who are determined to provide you with all the support you need.

Personalised Funerals

We want to help your loved ones share their life because everyone has a story to tell. Photo collages projected on television, wishing trees with condolence messages and personalised excerpts that peek into the life of your loved ones are services exclusive to our clients throughout the wake.

Let their legacy live on through their stories – tales of bravery, laughter and love. Occasion like this are when we remember them for who they truly were. These stories are printed and placed on the tables for your guests to read.

Order Funeral Wreaths

Our team of florists with a combined experience of more than 20 years in floristry are dedicated to dressing up the wake area with fresh import of florals from all around the world. Click here to view some of their latest creations.

Post Funeral Services

Our services extend beyond the funeral day. We provide a wide range of post funeral services suited for your needs.

Religious Services

We provide a comprehensive range of religious services for Buddhists, Taoists, Christians and Roman Catholics, including but not limited to a selection of monks, pastors, priests, religious supplies etc.

With our dedication to providing families with a peace of mind during their most difficult times, we have a team of well-trained emcees who are able to facilitate a smooth and heartfelt funeral. They will help you articulate what you would like to convey, but are unable to in times of grief.

Exhumation & Remains Relocation

We provide exhumation services should your loved one require a relocation. A prayer ceremony will be conducted by a monk, priest or pastor before extracting the remains from the tomb. The exhumed remains may either be cremated locally or exported overseas, depending on your requirements. For remains that have been cremated, there will be a second round of prayer ceremony to place the ashes into an urn before your loved one is moved to the temple, monastery or columbarium.

In the case of exporting the remains, each bone is carefully and meticulously washed in rice wine and water to remove as much debris as possible. The remains are then reassembled in the casket of choice before being sealed and certified by NEA.

Ash Collection

After the funeral, the ashes of your loved one may either be kept in a columbarium or scattered in the ocean.

We provide various assistance including, but not limited to, the completion of paperwork required for the application of ash collections and relocation of the ashes to columbariums, temples or jetties for sea burials.

Our collection of urns comes in various materials, sizes, shapes and colours.

Our biodegradable seashell and lotus urns are alternatives for your loved one’s ashes to be placed in and gracefully set afloat onto the ocean. These urns will stay afloat for approximately 10 to 20 minutes, leaving you with a peaceful moment for your final send off.

An Ling - 安灵 Services

According to Buddhist and Taoist beliefs, An Ling is an act of filial piety by the deceased’s descendants. Descendants will have to prepare the following items at their home for the next 49 days after the funeral. Food, drink and joss sticks should be offered daily till the end of the 49 days.

  • A table to place the tablet
  • Photo of the deceased
  • Joss pot
  • Food and drink offerings

We provide monk services and 49 days prayer date calculation for your reference.

Ji Ling - 寄灵 Services

Ji Ling holds the same meaning as An Ling. The only difference is that the tablet, photo, and other prayer items are placed in a temple or columbarium instead of their homes. The monks or caretakers will then assist with the daily offerings and chantings till the end of the 49 days.

Death Anniversary Prayer Services

Chanting services can be arranged on the death anniversary of your loved ones. Contact us for more information.

Keepsake Jewellery

Keep your loved ones close to your heart by storing a small memento of their ashes in a beautifully handcrafted jewellery made in Australia. Ashes are kept securely in a chamber, closed with a tungsten stainless steel countersunk screw using the hex or Allen key provided. Each pendant comes with an adjustable 925 silver snake chain.

Download Image


We are committed to sending or bringing your loved ones back home. Our professionally certified embalmers are able to preserve your loved one for the duration of the transfer back to your home country and for the funeral.

With over 30 years of experience in human remains repatriation (inbound and outbound), we are familiar with different countries’ regulations and documentation. As such, we offer:

  • Round the clock dedicated service team to follow through the repatriation process.
  • Certified, experienced and well-trained embalmers.
  • Strong worldwide network for the repatriation of human remains.
  • Assist bereaved family members to book flight tickets & arrange hotel accommodations.
  • Air-conditioned holding area with a 24-hour surveillance camera for security.

Grief Counselling

We understand that grief is a journey one is not meant to walk alone; and when a loved one dies, immense support is needed for the bereaved families. At Direct Funeral Services, we are committed to serving, not just your immediate needs for funeral service, but your heart needs as well. Led by Psychotherapist Darren Cheng, we have a team of dedicated counsellors to help you cope with the departure of your loved one.

Our Counsellor

Darren travels the island to give talks to organisations to educate them on the practical aspects on dealing with death. His series of talks is titled Journey To The West.

Darren Cheng holds a Masters Degree in Counselling, a Bachelor Degree in Psychology and a Master Trainer Level Certification in Hypnotherapy. He has accumulated 7 years of experience helping people with a myriad of problems and ran a successful practice in the prestigious Camden Medical Center.

He gives talks to various organisations including SPF, IMH, DBS, UOB, SPARKS and many more on various topics of mental health care. He believes that with a little nudge, everyone can be propelled in the right direction.

He has published a children’s book based on his practice in 2010 called A Bowlful of Ice Cream. His book was sold island-wide in bookstores such as Borders, MPH, Popular and Kinokuniya.

Currently he is writing another book on bereavement to help children and parents alike go through this tough time.

Books For Sale

Our books are on sale at this link.

A Bowl Full of Ice Cream

A Bowl Full of Ice Cream is a collection of 18 fascinating and delightful short stories designed to inspire change and motivate excellence in children. Develop your child’s powers of creativity and imagination through these stories, and discover how to solve problems. Find out what important lessons Hector the hydra, Tailor Tail, and Lily Lye learned. Join Pam the bird as she goes on a quest to find her voice, and take a walk with Fiona Greenfingers in a magical forest. Watch as Wendy stirs up a tornado and Fo floats in a bubble. Sail the high seas with Peggy the pirate, dive underwater with little Grum, and fly up into the sky with brave Lucy. Come and listen to Uncle Dino tell all these stories and more!

 Sale Price: $25  
Last Wishes

Last Wishes was written by a Financial Consultant, a Lawyer and two Funeral Directors, this book would set you thinking about life’s final journey, and how you can leave a living legacy even beyond the days when you are gone. This book will show you that death does not have to be traumatic for your loved ones. Instead, it can be a celebration of life – of your life.

 Sale Price: $25 
Where Did Grandpa Go?

Where Did Grandpa Go? was written for the child in all of us. Its a simple and short story of how a loving grandfather shares with his grandson what may happen when his time is up. Written by funeral director Darren TK Cheng of Direct Funeral Services and author Andre Frois, this book was inspired by the most common question little children ask during the wake of their grandparents, “Where did grandpa go?”.

 Sale Price: $8 
I Remember Grandma

I Remember Grandma written for those of us who miss that special someone tin our lives, is a heartfelt tale about love for our family & those dear to our hearts.

For this little girl, grandma lives on through the traditional family recipes that were passed down to her. This book was inspired by the grandmothers of our time who often cook every dish at home, from scratch; toiling & labouring in the kitchen to bring us soulful food that only our grandma can make.

 Sale Price: $12.90 

Covid 19 updates: NEA requires families to abide by the safe-distancing measures. All attendees have to have their mask on at all times and only 20 persons are allowed at funeral wakes at any one time. Due to the crowd restrictions, customised live streaming services are available to ease the inconvenience, kindly contact us at 6555 1115 for any assistance. Thank you.