What is grief & where can I look to for help?

What is grief & where can I look to for help?

Grief – a word that’s closely associated with loss. What exactly is it & how does it manifest? It is an emotion that’s triggered by loss & most commonly, the demise of a loved one (though this is not the only form of loss).

The way grief manifests itself is unique to every individual. There is no right or wrong way to grief. For some, grief may be displayed in the form of tears while not so in others. Every individual grieves through a process, not restrained to a specific duration of time. Grief may take a couple of months or a couple of years for some. It’s important to understand this, especially with today’s societal pressure of “getting over” losses quickly. Don’t rush the process of grieving.

For those of us undergoing such a heavy & often overwhelming emotion, the question that comes to mind is, where do we look to for help?

There are several channels that offer support specific to grief. Whether you prefer seeking the help of professionals or reading books written by experts in the field, there are resources for everyone.

For those interested, check out our bite sized infographic for more details.

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