Precious Angel Package – Christian / Roman Catholic / Freethinker

Inclusive of 9% GST $1,286.20

This package is dedicated to stillborns and children up to 4 years old.

Package Includes
1Angel Casket
2Blanket, Soft Toy, Romper, Booties, Storybook
3Petit Flower Bouquet and Floral Petals
4Transfer and Preparation Care for Your Beloved One
5Professional Service Fee
6Cremation Fee (Mandai Crematorium)
1. Handled by Direct Funeral Services: Free of Charge
– Ashes can be handled over to us for sea scattering at no additional cost.


2. Sea scattering ceremony – $380 (Inclusive of 9% GST)
– If you and your family wish to scatter the ashes personally, a boat will be chartered for the ceremony. Our staff will bring the ashes to Changi Jetty and assist you throughout the sea scattering process.
– For foetus before 27 weeks, the hospital must give a memo to authorise us to handle the cremation arrangements.
– For foetus after 27 weeks, your baby will receive a death certificate.
– To book a cremation slot for a foetus without death certificate, we need either one of the parent’s name and NRIC.


Honour your story and celebrate a life well lived.

We are here to guide you every step of the way in creating a meaningful farewell.