Navigating grief: A guide on grief counselling in Singapore

Navigating grief: A guide on grief counselling in Singapore

grief counselling

Grief occurs across all age groups and everyone processes it differently.

Grief is a natural response to losing someone or something close to our hearts. It can be felt by anyone: from adults to teenagers, to younger children. Yet we all grieve in our own way and the duration varies from person to person. If the loss is too overwhelming for you to handle, grief counselling may be of help. But before you go in search of a counsellor, continue reading for a better understanding of what grief counselling is and what you can expect from it.

What is grief counselling? 

Grief counselling is a form of professional therapy that aims to help people cope with deep loss. A grief counsellor is trained to provide a safe, neutral space for people to express their thoughts and feelings. Nevertheless, Darren Cheng, CEO of Direct Funeral Services and certified psychotherapist, highlights:

“Grief is a normal emotion, and a first consultation is necessary to determine if counselling is really needed.”

This is why Direct offers initial grief counselling consultations—on a complimentary basis—to our clients. If it’s determined that counselling will likely benefit you, you’ll be referred to an external counsellor we work with.

What to expect from grief counselling

It’s important to understand that counselling isn’t a miracle cure for grief and not everyone will experience the same results. However, in general, grief counsellors strive to help bereaved people understand and accept the intense emotions they are going through, thereby better managing those emotions in their day-to-day lives.

To achieve the above, your counsellor will tailor a therapeutic plan to address your unique needs. They may guide you to talk about the loss and what your loved one meant to you. They may ask you to describe how you feel and come up with strategies to help you cope with holidays and celebrations without that special person. Mindfulness techniques, such as meditation and breathing exercises, may also be shared during the counselling sessions to get you back on track with self-care.

grief counselling

Counselling can be a good outlet to release your emotions following the passing of an important person in your life.

Overcoming common challenges in grief counselling

In our Asian society, death is oftentimes taboo. People generally feel uncomfortable talking about grief and how much the passing of a loved one has impacted them. As such, very little is said and asked about it. This, coupled with the fact that stigma still exists surrounding therapy, makes it a hurdle for many of us to reach out to a professional.

If you believe that you need grief counselling but are hesitant to take the first step, do recognise that there’s nothing wrong with seeking help. Just like a person who’s down with a bad bout of flu would naturally see a doctor, it’s also sensible for someone suffering from an emotional challenge like grief to seek professional attention. Ultimately, your wellbeing is most important.

For past and existing clients of Direct considering grief counselling in Singapore, please email us at to arrange for a complimentary first consultation.