How to Organise a Wake When You’re Short on Time

How to Organise a Wake When You’re Short on Time

When we think of organising an event, we normally think of birthdays, weddings, parties, or even company dinners with ample preparation time. Our thoughts don’t naturally gravitate towards funerals. In fact, it’s the one thing that comes unexpectedly, with little to no notice in most cases. How then do we organise a funeral when we’re short on time?

How much does a wake cost

One of the first big questions that usually comes to mind is, “how much does a wake cost?”. Well, the prices for wakes are largely dependent on the deceased’s religion as well as any additional items you might request for. Generally, a freethinker wake spanning three days incurs the lowest cost, as it does not involve the engagement of monks or priests and the performing of any religious rituals.

How to organise a wake

A wake or vigil service is the period leading up to the funeral day. During the wake, friends and family take the time to mourn, pay their respects and celebrate a life well lived by their loved one before sending them off. A wake lasts anywhere from one to seven days, or longer in some cases.

Deciding on a funeral parlour in Singapore is the first major step that will ease your stress. Your chosen funeral company will assist you in the setting up of the wake and funeral, as well as guiding you through the procedures. They will take charge of ensuring that your loved one arrives at your preferred wake location in a timely fashion and that the wake set-up is in accordance with your preference.

How to Organise a Wake

From making sure that the wake runs smoothly, to being there for you when you most need it, our team is committed to assisting your family in this difficult time.

Choose where to hold a wake

Aside from engaging a funeral company that will assist you with the logistics of organising a wake, you will also have to decide on the wake’s location. In Singapore, you may opt to have a wake at a void deck, a funeral parlour or if you stay in a private housing, within the compound of your home. Different locations will incur different costs due to the varying set-ups required.

Some families choose to have the wake conducted at the void deck of their loved one’s residence as it feels more personal and intimate. Others decide on funeral parlours for comfort and privacy. There’s no right or wrong when it comes to the choice of the wake location—it’s entirely up to your preference and budget.

Share details of the wake with relatives and friends

Most funeral companies now offer the funeral service of creating a wake notice on behalf of the bereaved families. The notice consists of important information, including the wake duration and location, service and/or Mass timings, funeral date, cortege departure time, and cremation/burial time.

If you would like for relatives, friends and colleagues to attend the wake, the notice will certainly be helpful in lightening your mental load by providing all the information guests need to know.

Planning a wake is never easy. As you cope with the loss of someone special, you need to hold yourself together to iron out the logistics of the wake—all within a short lead time. That’s where we at come in to take care of everything for you, so you can have some time and space to grieve and spend precious final moments with your loved one.

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