Choosing a Buddhist Funeral Package in Singapore

Choosing a Buddhist Funeral Package in Singapore

With so many different companies offering various kinds of funeral packages in Singapore, it can be hard to decide which one to go with, even if you or your family follow a certain religion. That’s why we’ve come up with a series of articles to help you out. In this first of the four-part series, let us share with you how to choose a Buddhist funeral package.

Think about the cost and be calm when choosing a package

Buddhist funerals generally cost less than Taoist funerals because they are often less complex in terms of the rites and rituals involved. At Direct Funeral Services, our Buddhist funeral packages start from $5,888 (excluding GST) for a 3-day, 2-night event. The cost varies depending on the services, facilities, and items offered. But regardless of the price of the package, we strive to deliver a dignified send-off for the deceased.

One important thing to bear in mind, however, is that you should choose a package that fits your budget comfortably. Although you may have the best intentions to hold an elaborate ceremony for your very loved one, be careful not to spend beyond your means. To avoid any arguments or resentment within the family later on, take the time to discuss with the people involved (like your siblings) about the amount everyone is willing and able to fork out.

Find the right company for a Buddhist funeral

While there are scores of companies that claim to offer Buddhist funeral packages, not all have trained professionals who are knowledgeable about Buddhist traditions, rites, and rituals. You’d want to check with the funeral companies about their experience, the caterers they engage, and even the monks they work with. When speaking with the funeral director, ask, ask, and ask some more to help you gauge their confidence and capability in managing Buddhist funerals.

Specifically, if you wish to observe the An Ling (安灵) or Ji Ling (寄灵) ritual after the funeral, you’ll need an all-round funeral provider that’s able to assist you with that as well. Otherwise, you’ll have to source from another company, which can be a hassle.

Direct Funeral Services Buddhist Deluxe Package set-up

Pay a visit to see how they organise a funeral

If you’re arranging the funeral in advance and have the luxury of time, it may be a good idea to do an onsite visit to see for yourself how the company runs their funeral services in Singapore. While you’re there, pay special attention to these areas:

  • The funeral set-up: Is it neat and presentable? Are fresh flowers used in the decoration?
  • The funeral director and the rest of the team: Are they efficient, professional, and respectful in carrying out their duties? How do they welcome the guests?
  • The monk: Is he experienced in leading the rituals?

At the end of the day, always trust your gut. If you’ve doubts about the company, you’ve the right to walk away and look for an alternative.

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