6 important facts to know about funeral parlours in Singapore

6 important facts to know about funeral parlours in Singapore

Despite there being an increased buzz about the funeral industry (or what we would prefer to call the death care industry), funeral services are still usually only thought of when in the face of death, whether in our own family or that of our friends’.

This was what prompted us to create a mini-series on Instagram (@directfuneralservices) to point out various myths surrounding the industry, like the desensitisation of death care professionals. Here, we present to you some more interesting facts about funeral parlours in Singapore and the services offered!

Embalming is not necessary for a wake service to be conducted

Being commonly practised, embalming is easily assumed to be compulsory. This isn’t the case! Families are given the liberty to choose whether they would like for their loved one to be embalmed or not.

An open-casket funeral is possible if embalming is done. This is because the embalming procedure delays decomposition and ensures that the body of the deceased is preserved in its most natural state, allowing family members and friends to see their loved one as they were. However, without embalming, a closed-casket funeral is highly recommended as the body condition of the deceased will change over the next few days, likely making it unsuitable for viewing.

Urns come in cute shapes and colours

When we think of urns, we often think of the typical cylindrical-shaped vessels in a select few colours. With modernisation within the death care industry, urns now come in various shapes, sizes, colours and materials! Check out some of these urns in the forms of biodegradable seashells and hearts.

  • Funeral Parlours Facts in Singapore
  • Funeral Parlours Facts in Singapore

You can have an air-conditioned wake service at a void deck

To counter Singapore’s hot and humid weather, major funeral homes in Singapore offer air-conditioning services for wakes held at void decks. On top of this, Wi-Fi is also an available option, making wakes at void decks more comfortable than ever!

More than packet drinks and plain water

Beverages served at wakes typically consist of packet drinks and mineral water. But nowadays, families can choose to have coffee and tea machines onsite, offering a much-needed caffeine fix during vigil service. These machines can also dispense other beverages like hot chocolate for a quick energy boost!

Night guards are available

With heightened emotions, as well as hours spent receiving guests and participating in rites and rituals, family members of the deceased often find themselves exhausted by the end of each day. And especially if the duration of the wake is a long one (e.g. 5 to 7 days), it might be a good idea to request for night guards from the funeral home you’ve engaged.

These night guards will help stay overnight to ensure that the wake site remains undisturbed while you and your family catch some shut-eye before the next day rolls in. During their night duty, the guards will also help clear the tables and replenish the snacks and beverages, saving you the time and energy so you can focus on attending to guests at the wake.

Professional photographers and videographers specifically for funerals

This may raise some brows—why the need for such services at a sombre event like a funeral? While we often associate photography to joyous milestone affairs like weddings and births, funerals are an equally significant occasion in one’s life journey. Families who’d like to have their last moments with their loved one captured professionally can now select from a growing number of funeral photographers and videographers.

Funeral Parlours Facts in Singapore