5 movies and series to help you deal with grief and loss

5 movies and series to help you deal with grief and loss

Losing a loved one is without a doubt an emotional and difficult time. Watching movies and series about grief and parting can provide you with a healthy outlet for all those complex feelings. It may bring comfort to you as you witness the characters going through a somewhat similar experience. By being a bystander, it also helps you to understand what you’re feeling and why you’re feeling that way. So when you’re ready, let’s start.

Deal With Grief and Loss

Fatherhood (PG13)

Based on Matthew Logelin’s bestselling book, Two Kisses for Maddy: A Memoir of Loss and Love, Fatherhood traces Logelin’s journey as a single father after the sudden death of his wife. Though comedic at times, the movie is peppered with relatable experiences including the helplessness and frustration in the face of grief and parenthood all at the same time.

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Notes for My Son (NC16)

Like Fatherhood, Notes for My Son* is inspired by a true story. In this Argentine film, a terminally ill woman named Maria decides to write a notebook about death, life, and love for her little boy to remember her by. Despite being at the end stage of life, Maria’s witty take on things is inspiring. But above all, this film shows that there’s beauty even in the darkest moments, and that’s none other than the love and support from those around us.

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Move to Heaven (M18)

Move to Heaven is a 10-part series from South Korea. It tells the tale of Geu-ru who is on the autism spectrum and runs a trauma cleaning company with his father (and subsequently his uncle). Each episode focuses on one ‘job’ that the company takes on and unravels the story of the deceased, including that of an elderly lady who died alone with money stashed under the floor paper in her tattered bedroom. Sentimental and sincere, Move to Heaven makes us think about what’s truly important in life and gets us to reflect on our regrets.

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A Sun (NC16)

Award-winning Taiwanese film A Sun follows the lives of the Chens as they struggle with family estrangement, societal pressures, and the aftermath of a suicide that nobody foresaw. Even though it depicts serious themes, A Sun offers a glimmer of hope that healing, personal redemption, and reconciliation are possible with time.

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Inside Out (PG)

While not exactly a movie about the loss of a loved one, we think Pixar’s Inside Out deserves a mention in this list for reminding us of the importance of embracing our emotions—be it positive or negative ones. It’s OK to give ourselves permission to not be OK. At the end of the day, suppressing sadness can have disastrous effects on our mental health. And it’s these meaningful messages that make Inside Out a worthwhile watch beyond its cute animation.

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*Themes of euthanasia and terminal sedation are explored in this film. Viewer discretion is advised.