At Direct Funeral Services, we are committed in creating a memorable, meaningful, and dignified funeral to help the family honor the life of their loved one. We only want to give you the best and import into Singapore caskets of premium quality.With our comprehensive range of services that we offer to all religions, we strive to provide family with a total peace of mind in their most difficult times.

「 Half Glass Casket 」
「 Comfort Casket 」
「 8 Sided Comfort Casket 」

「 Half Glass Deluxe Brown 」

「 Half Glass Deluxe White 」

「 Nirvana Lotus 」

「 Chenggai Half Glass Deluxe 」

「 Supreme Teak 」

「 Full Glass Casket 」

「 Grace Casket 」


「 8 Sided Lotus Casket 」